Design Process:

The design process which has/will be followed in order to create the Hardware for this project is known as the Rudimentary Design Process (RDP), which is specified by Doug Write in Doug Writes Notes

The Process outline is as follows:

  1.    Brainstorm all possible solutions
  2.     Select the best solutions (2-3) from the set created in 1
  3.     Fully work through the selected solution to completion working out all the problems with the           design, such that the feasibility of each solution is known.  The RDP process may have to be done recursively on each of the small problems with the design until the idea is functional.   
  4.     Select the best design and go with it.


  1.      Even some crazy ideas should be written down in stage one as this facilitates the thought process and may lead to you or someone else coming up with a great idea.
  2.      Several RDP recursive sets may have to be carried out if the hardware that is being built is complex and has a range on function points.


RDP for Security Bots:

  1. Drive Mechanism: a mechanism to rotate the camera
  2. Lock Mechanism: a mechanism to stop the effect of gravity trying the reduce the potential energy of the system.


  1. Combine 2 drive mechanism to create the 2 DOF (degree of freedom) system: one of the primary requirements of the hardware is that is shall rotate the camera about the center of its image axis.