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Currently I am a part-time research fellow within the Geophysics and Image Analysis group within the Centre for Exploration Targeting in the School of Earth and Environment at The University of Western Australia.

My current work involves applying computer vision techniques to geological and geophysical images, with particular interests in feature detection, texture analysis, and visualisation techniques. An outcome of this work, in conjunction with colleagues in the Centre for Exploration Targeting, has been the development of the CET Grid Analysis and CET Porphyry Analysis Extensions for Oasis montaj.

A brief list of career episodes...

I completed a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Western Australia in 1981. This was followed by a Master of Engineering Science in the area of kinematic control of robot arms in 1984, also at UWA. My PhD, completed in 1996, was in computer vision. This work studied the construction of invariant low-level image measures from local phase information.

From 1984 to 1991 I was a research engineer with the Automated Sheep Shearing Project in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UWA. During this time I was responsible for a number of areas in the project including surface modelling techniques, robot control software, and the development of a machine vision system for automated measurement of sheep.

From 1991 to 2007 I was with the School of Computer Science & Software Engineering at The University of Western Australia. Courses that I taught included:

I have had visiting positions at:

In 2010 I joined the Centre for Exploration Targeting at The University of Western Australia.